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We use orderflow to follow institutional traders who are the ones that move the market.

Most of our products are based on orderflow analysis. Here is a short list of our indicators and strategies that work with NinjaTrader 8.

-VWAP Trader, trading assistant and autotrader
-VWAP indicator,
-Market Profile indicator,
-Orderflow indicator,
-Delta indicator.

VWAP Trader (trading assistant and autotrader)

Vwap trader, your trading assistant

We provide a trading assistant to be used with our trading system. The trading system is based on the use of VWAP and principle of reversion to the mean. We use more than 14 criterias to pinpoint entries. This give us a statistical edge and help us gain consistency.

The purpose of the assistant is to help new traders reduce the learning curve. Our assumption is the time required to master the trading system is of 12 to 24 months with frequent practice. We expect to reduce this time to 6 to 12 months with the trading assistant.

The trading assistant helps understand better the criterias used by the trading system. It also helps to detect and validate trading opportunities.

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VWAP indicator

VWAP indicator

VWAP indicator is used by institutional traders as a fair price reference. VWAP is an average price calculated on weighted volume. VWAP center line is the mean price, and the deviations (upper/lower) shows the volatility of the price. Price is supposed to come back to the VWAP price reference whenever it goes away from the center line. VWAP can therefore be used as a profit target.

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Market Profile indicator

Market Profile indicator
The Market Profile shows distribution of volume per price unit. It shows zones of concentration where price is accepted by participants and zones of rejection (low volume). The Market Profile helps find zones of high probability to place trades.

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Orderflow footprint indicator


Orderflow indicator shows the tape with all Ask and Bid orders in the form of a footprint which is easier to read than the tape itself. We can detect imbalances in the footprint showing aggressiveness of traders.

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Tape reading indicator

Tape reading orderflow

The itcTape is an indicator for tape reading. Reading the tape is a must for highly successful scalpers or swing traders looking for very accurate entries. Being able to read the tape properly gives you an edge in the market. It allows you to go along with institutional traders who are moving the market.
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Market Depth

The itcMarketDepth is an indicator for level 2 reading. Reading the market depth helps traders confirm support and resistance levels. Being able to read the markey depth properly gives you an edge in the market.

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