Tape reading (Times and Sales)

Tape reading itcTape


The itcTape is an indicator for tape reading. Reading the tape is a must for highly successful scalpers or swing traders looking for very accurate entries. Being able to read the tape properly gives you an edge in the market. It allows you to go along with institutional traders who are moving the market.


itcTape is highly customizable: location of panel, colors, size of text, quantity of elements to be displayed,etc....
It is also possible to set up a filter based on volume to only display significant volume.
The type of data to be displayed is customizable: Ask data, Bid data, both Ask and Bid data.


Tape reading 2 or Times and Sales
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Tape reading 1 or Time and Sales
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You can test the indicator for FREE for 30 days. Just download the indicator and install it. It should be working immediately.
Lifetime license Tape Indicator for NinjaTrader: 127 USD
Monthly license Tape Indicator for NinjaTrader: 6.97 USD

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