<Vwap trader, the trading assistant working with orderflow to become a consistent and profitable trader

VwapTrader - Trading assistant and autotrader

Vwap trader, your trading assistant


We provide a trading assistant to be used with our trading system. The trading system is based on the use of VWAP and principle of reversion to the mean. We use more than 14 criterias to pinpoint entries. This give us a statistical edge and help us gain consistency.

The purpose of the assistant is to help new traders reduce the learning curve. Our assumption is the time required to master the trading system is of 12 to 24 months with frequent practice. We expect to reduce this time to 6 to 12 months with the trading assistant.

The trading assistant helps understand better the criterias used by the trading system. It also helps to detect and validate trading opportunities.


itcVwapTrader is a professional grade trading assistant that can help with the following:

    -help get consistency with a professional and proven trading system,
    -reduce time to learn all the details about how the trading system works,
    -validate entry conditions for you in real time (trading assistant available for you 24h/day),
    -get better control over emotions making rational trading decisions,
    -increase number of trading opportunities (can work 24 hours per day),
    -reduce time spent in front of the computer (one can only process alerts).


itcVwapTrader comes in different versions. Please find below the comparison chart:

Features / Version Basic Pro Business
Back testing    


Please find below product sheet and user manual for the trading assistant, itcVwapTrader:

Acrobat file product sheet Product sheet (english version)
Acrobat file product sheet User manual (english version)


The itcVwapTrader is currently not available for purchase. Please contact our support if you want to be addded to our waiting list and be informed as soon as the robot is available.