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Sqn Max Indicator

Sqn Max is an exclusive indicator to trade the market with high effectiveness. It is possible to achieve 80% and more accuracy trading our list of selected assets. You can find complete results following the link.

The indicator is based on price action, volatility and trend.

This indicator is as simple as possible but not too simple.

The indicator can generate alerts to ease the trading process. You don't have to stay all day in front of your screen.

The indicator can be used with any class of assets and with any time frame.

I had great success using the H1 time frame, trading stocks, cfds, options, and ETFs from the American Market but of course this is not limited to this class of assets. I am sure you can test yourself and discover other opportunities like Forex, Cryptos, Commodities, Indices. But to start I recommend you to use the indicator with the assets that we know it is working fine.

Inputs of the indicator are:

  • Distance - distance in pixel relative to top or bottom of candle to display the arrow symbol
  • TradeDirection (shortandlong/shortonly/longonly) - used to filter signal and eventually go with the main trend 
  • SignalQuality (high/medium) - use to select the accuracy of signals. Medium quality will generate more signals.
  • UsePreAlerts (true/false) - to enable pre-alerts. Alert is generated before the close of the bar (not confirmed signal).
  • PreAlertsSeconds - time in seconds before the close of the bar when pre-alerts can be generated. 
  • UseConfirmedSignals (true/false) - to enable confirmed signals. Alert is generated after the close of the bar.
  • PopAlerts (true/false) - to enable alerts of type Popup window
  • EmailAlerts (true/false) - to enable alerts of type Email
  • PushAlers (true/false) - to enable alerts of type Push Notification
  • SoundAlerts (true/false) - to enable alerts of type Sound
  • SoundFile - file to be used for sound alerts
Trading rules:

  • entry: enter in a trade in the direction of the signal (look at the direction of the arrow) as soon as the signal is confirmed (confirmation at the close of the candle).
  • exit: you can exit the trade with a stop loss and take profit. The distance of the stop can be calculated based on the ATR (Average True Range). Stop Loss distance = 3.0 ATR. Take profit distance = 3.0 ATR.
  • time stop: you can also use a time stop to not stay in a trade that is not moving in your favor. You can use a time stop of 30 to 70 bars. 

I truly believe Sqn Max is the most accurate strategy I have seen in my career as a trader in the last 10 years.

I wish you good trading and success with the Sqn Max indicator.