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30 days money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

All customers from our online store are protected with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The guarantee applies to customers who might have problems within the 30 days of their purchase to install and/or have product working.

To benefit from this guarantee customers must:

  • have completed their purchase in our online store,
  • follow installation instructions from the product download page,
  • contact our support (support@orderflow-trader.com) as soon as they have a problem they cannot resolve,
  • follow instructions on how to get support from the product download page,
  • send the information required from support so that we can assist them,
  • follow at any time instructions given by support.
Customers who strictly follow the rules above will get refund automatically if support is not able to solve the case. Never put a dispute with the payment processor. Users who put dispute with payment processor will not be able to buy from our online store anymore nor get support from us.

Free trial

All products designed for the Metatrader trading platform can be tested for FREE before purchase for unlimited period of time.

The indicators and Experts advisors can be tested with the Strategy Tester for FREE with no requirement of buying the product.

To start a FREE trial with Metatrader, customers have to use the Strategy Tester of Metatrader trading platform. For each product in our online store customers we also provide the link of the same product in the MQL5 Market. From there one can start the process of testing the product for FREE.

For NinjaTrader products, customers can download the original product and install it in their trading platform. All products for NinjaTrader platform have a trial period of at least 30 days.

All these tools give any customer the opportunity to test product in depth with no rush before deciding to buy a product.

All customers are given the opportunity to test the product and make sure that the product suites their needs prior to purchase.

Take advantage of these FREE trials and test product in depth for FREE before buying it!!

Trading platforms limitations

The products you buy from us will only work for the platform they were designed for. Please read specification of product before placing any order. This means that if you purchase a product for Metatrader 4 then you will NOT be able to use this product with TradingView, cTrader, NinjaTrader or any other platform. The product will only work with Metatrader 4. The product should be working with any broker using the correct trading platform.

Furthermore, the products designed for Metatrader only work for Windows platform. Android version or Web version of Metatrader do not support custom indicators or expert advisors (robots). Do not expect our products to work with Android, iPhone, tablets, etc... The products are designed to work only with 32-bits and 64-bits Windows Metatrader versions.

Regarding users who have Mac computers, we have many customers who use our products with Metatrader and Mac. The installation process for Mac is the same as for Windows Metatrader platform. You can follow our Windows instructions. Nevertheless beware that user support for Mac specifics is out of the scope of our support team. We are not Mac specialists and cannot assist you for Mac specific problems.

Products updates

Customers can receive all products updates for the life of their products with no extra charge. All updates and enhancements of the product for FREE.

Products updates are available in the product download page (see purchase confirmation email received from us). Please follow instructions given in this page for update of your product.

Customer support

We give FREE email support to all customers of our online store. To be able to give support we need basic information about the case. Please follow instructions given in the product download page.

We can only assist customers who meet requirements and send us all requested information. We need that information to resolve the case. Without all pieces of information requested by support it will take more time to resolve the case. Eventually, we will not be able to resolve the case because of missing information.

We do our best to solve all cases very fast. Please collaborate with our support team and strictly provide information as requested.

Please follow directions given in the product download page about how to request support from us (see purchase confirmation email received from us).

Beware that if you open dispute with PayPal (or any other payment processor) you will lose benefit of accessing our support. If you have questions or problems you must first contact our support team and try to find a solution to solve your problem.


Since TradingView does not allow full automated purchase process we cannot offer FREE trial version for TradingView users.

The algorithm giving the signals is the same for TradingView and for Metatrader. If you want to test the effectivness of an indicator then you can use the same indicator in Metatrader and test it for free with the Strategy Tester.

Link for the Metatrader indicator is available in the product page (below the buttons on the left side).

MQL5 Market

Most of our indicators and expert advisors are available for purchase with MQL5 Market. But seems that most people are not really aware about the process to buy products from MQL5 Market.
If you decide to buy products from MQL5 Market then you will be bound to MQL5 Market Terms and Conditions.

Beware that users of Mac might not be able to use their products bought from MQL5 Market.

Beware that if you have a problem to download a product that was bought from MQL5 Market then we will have no capacity to assist you. We do not manage MQL5 Market nor Metatrader platform and cannot be held for responsible for problems related to MQL5 Market platform. Thanks for your comprehension.

Beware that in MQL5 Market the products are sold from MQL5 Market. The consequence is that if you have a problem or want a refund of your product you will have to ask refund to MQL5 and not to the developer of product. As developer of products for MQL5 Market we don't have the capacity to issue refund with MQL5 Market. Only MQL5 Market can decide to refund a purchase. And they even don't ask developers if they agree or not for refund.

Beware that purchases made in MQL5 Market are anonymous. The consequence is that we as developers have no idea who is buying products in the MQL5 Market. If you contact us for a problem then we have no way to verify if what you are telling us is true or not and therefore we cannot take your inputs into account.

As a consequence and conclusion we have very limited capacity to assist people who have problems after buying products from MQL5 Market.

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We are sorry that some people lost their money buying products of us from MQL5 Market but as explained above we have no way to verify the facts nor to help them. We hope that this information will help customers make informed decisions.

General Terms and Conditions

Since the indicators and expert advisors are digital products we cannot refund purchase.

Once product has been activated by user the product is considered as used and therefore there is no way to ask for refund for an already used product.

The purchase of any product in our online store means acceptance with no restrictions of the Terms and Conditions by customer.

All customers have the opportunity to test for FREE the products sold in our online store prior to purchase and hence cannot pretend after purchase that the product is not as described.

No refund will be accepted from customers saying that the product is not as described.

Fair experience. Win win attitude.

We want to satisfy our customers.

We release quality products, we offer FREE trial for all our products and give support to all customers after purchase.

Our goal is to resolve more than 99% of cases of request for technical support within 24 hours.

Our customers can be demanding with us but we also can de demanding with our customers. If customers have a problem then they should contact support and cooperate with support to find a solution to problem.

People who don't want to cooperate or are unfair will be banned from our online store for lifetime. People banned will not be able to buy any product from our store in the future. We try to give the best experience to our customers but time is the most valuable thing in life. And we do not want to lose time and energy with customers who are unfair. We help and respect our customers and we expect the same from our customers.