We make the tools for your consistency in trading

Why us?

There are thousands of systems promoted in the market but very few are really profitable. 

There are a few hurdles to become a consistent trader:
-find a profitable trading system,
-understand all the details of the trading system,
-get the correct psychology.

Most of the time there is a piece of the puzzle missing and therefore very few traders come to the level where they can make a living out of trading.

Orderflow-trader.com can put traders on the right path to become consistent. We know that our trading system works. Some traders have been using this trading system successfully.

Furthermore we know all the details to use it correctly.

Finally, we designed tools to help new traders reduce the learning curve and the required time to become consistent. For instance we can provide a trading assistant that will guide new traders and make sure they understand correctly how the trading system works. If they make a mistake the trading assistant will tell them.

The trading assistant also reduce the time spent analyzing the market. Means less time in front of the screen