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Tick Data for NinjaTrader

We offer services to import tick data for NinjaTrader trading platform.

It is often quite difficult to import external historical data coming from different sources.

-organization of data might be different (data split over many files),
-format of data might be different (time format for instance),
-structure of records might be different (different columns organization),
-filter of data (some data requires to be filtered and shall not be imported, quotes, implied quotes, trades,..),

This is quite a lot of work to reorganize data and prepare a file that can be imported directly with NinjaTrader.

To avoid such headache we offer our services. We can prepare files that are compatible with NinjaTrader and that you can easyly import with no errors within a few clicks.

Contact us if you want a quotation for your data tick requirements.

Please find below our price list:

*Price per instrument and per year
Asset class Trades only Trades and quotes Trades, quotes, level II
Forex 50 USD
Futures 100 USD 200 USD 300 USD
Equities 40 USD 50 USD 75 USD