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Vwap indicator

VWAP indicator


VWAP indicator is used by institutional traders as a fair price reference. VWAP is an average price calculated on weighted volume. VWAP center line is the mean price, and the deviations (upper/lower) shows the volatility of the price. Price is supposed to come back to the VWAP price reference whenever it goes away from the center line. VWAP can therefore be used as a profit target.


itcVwap can be used for monthly, weekly and daily sessions. Indicator will draw vwap and its deviations for all the data serie available in your chart.

itcVwap series are available over interface for people interested in programming with indicator. For instance double GetVwap(int barsIndex) will return value of the center line of the Vwap. Please refer to product sheet for more details.

itcVwap can be used with TickReplay and calculation will still be done with the close of the candle.

Indicator displays the Vwap median lines and up to 8 deviations (4 upper and 4 lower).

For more details about the features of the itcVwap please refer to the product sheet below.


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Please find below product sheet for the itcVwap indicator:

Acrobat file product sheet Product sheet (english version)


You can test indicator for FREE for 30 days before making purchase of license. Just download indicator and install it. It should be working immediately.
Lifetime license (NinjaTrader 8): 149 USD