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Fundamental Trend Indicator

Successful traders combine technical and fundamental analysis.
Fundamental analysis is often overlooked by retail traders. They think that fundamentals are already priced in and that the chart can tell everything relevant.

Retail traders also do not use fundamentals because this is a hard work to process all datapoints and keep updated over time. This is true.

On the other hand, professional traders might consider that technical analysis is useless without prior fundamental analysis, and deep understanding of the big picture. They will even tell you that fundamental analysis is 80% of the job and that technical analysis is a very tiny part in their decision process.

Professional traders only use technical analyis as the last step to find the best entry and exit. But they first generate their trade ideas based on fundamentals and sentiment, not on technical.

This is true that this is hard work to process all fundamentals datapoints to get a clear view of the big picture.

Now, with the Fundamental Trend indicator, things become very easy. We do all the hard work of fundamental analysis for you and we give you the result as a simple and easy to use indicator.

Data are updated every week. You don't have to worry of the fundamentals change, the indicator will let you know....

With the Fundamental Trend indicator, retail traders have no more excuse for not taking advantage of fundamentals, add it to their analysis and move to the next level in trading!!

Don't forget to watch our slides section and to watch the video about how to trade the news with fundamentals. I hope it will help you improve your skills in trading.

How does it work?

For all major Forex pairs crosses, the indicator gives you the current fundamental trend based on several macro economic datapoints. Do not confuse fundamental trend with sentiment. Sentiment is short lived whereas the fundamental trend can last months and years. The idea is to use the Fundamental Trend as a bias in the market and to go with the fundamental trend to increase your success rate. We use a scale with 7 levels (color coded) to indicate the current fundamental trend:

  • Very bearish (Red color)
  • Bearish (Tomato color)
  • Slightly bearish (Yellow color)
  • Neutral (Silver color)
  • Slightly bullish (DarkGreen color)
  • Bullish (MediumSeaGreen color)
  • Very bullish (Lime color)
Inputs of the indicator are:

  • MaxBars: number of bars back used to calculate the indicator
  • Prefix: prefix used by broker (for instance if symbol is called xGBPUSD then Prefix is x).
  • Suffix: suffix used by broker (for instance if symbol is called GBPUSDfx then Suffix is fx).
Indicator works for a large range of Forex instruments: all crosses for major currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, JPY, CHF

You can adjust colors used to display the results.

The indicator can be used with any time frame.