Power Lines, itcPowerLines is an indicator to display important support/resistance levels intra-day for stocks traders with Ninja Trader 8

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Power Lines



The itcPowerLines is a Ninja Trader 8 indicator that displays important levels for stock intraday trading. This indicator is specifically designed for Intraday traders who trade the American Stock Exchange of New York.

These levels act as important support and resistance for intraday trading:
-Open High/Low (30-minute open range),
-Morning High/Low,
-Yesterday High/Low,

Colors, lines styles, lines widths can be customized at will.
User can also define which elements to display.

The levels can be displayed for the current day and for the last days.

Power lines, intraday important level

Power lines, intraday important level


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You can test indicator for FREE for 30 days before making purchase of license. Just download indicator and install it. It should be working immediately.
Lifetime license (NinjaTrader 8): 147 USD