Market Profile indicator, itcMarketProfile is an indicator for professional traders, trading forex and futures with the ninjatrader 8 trading platform

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Market Profile

Market profile itcMarketProfile


The market profile shows distribution of volume per price unit. It shows zones of concentration where price is accepted by participants and zones of rejection (low volume). The Market Profile helps find zones of high probability to place trades.


itcMarketProfile is an indicator for monthly, weekly and daily market profile calculation. itcMarketProfile draws the profile and important levels like POC, VAH and VAL. The value area percentage of volume is adjustable. The indicator can display historical values of POC, VAH, VAL as an option. The indicator can display current or past profile as single market profile (attached to the left of the screen), or multi profiles attached to the start of the corresponding sessions.

For each price level itcMarketProfile displays the volume of contracts as text. Size of text to display the volume is auto adjustable.

POC, VAH, VAL levels can be displayed or not, with customized individual settings (color, line thickness).

For more details about the features of the itcMarketProfile please refer to the product sheet below.

Market Profile 2

Market Profile 3

Market Profile 5

Market Profile 6


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Please find below product sheet for the itcMarketProfile indicator:

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