Delta Volume, itcDeltaVolumeBar is an indicator to display delta volume with tick data, for traders with Ninja Trader 8

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Delta Volume



The itcDeltaVolumeBar is a NinjaTrader 8 indicator that displays the delta volume for the current instrument calculated bar by bar.

The delta volume is the Ask volume - Bid volume for the current bar of the chart
The calculation of the Delta requires to use a chart with tick replay (tick data)
You can use a time or range chart, or any type of chart, but with tick replay option.

Colors of the candles of the indicator can be customized at will.


Volume delta, ask minus bid volume

Volume delta, ask minus bid volule

Volume delta, ask minus bid volule


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You can test indicator for FREE for 30 days before making purchase of license. Just download indicator and install it. It should be working immediately.
Lifetime license (NinjaTrader 8): 67 USD